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Hire sunbeds

You are tired of descents and excitement and you need a moment to relax; you feel like a…


Medical Service

Even though all the facilities in Aquópolis are designed under standards and parameters for maximum quality and safety,…


Cloak Rooms

Your mobile telephone, wallet, sunglasses, house keys, car key... There are many things we carry on us and…


Hire Floats

Flotadores aquopolis san fernando

There are many attractions at Aquópolis that need a float or in which fun is maximised with one.…



A cloudy day dawns, but when you arrive at the park, it is already clear and the sun…


Heladería Olas

In the waves kiosk you can have aperitifs to be able to continue enjoying the water. As well…


Heladería Lago

Try our speciality in crepes and pastries fresh out of the oven or, if you prefer, refresh yourself…



Try our delicious hamburgers or hot dogs accompanied by the indispensable French fries, chicken nuggets or onion rings,…


Mini Park

aquopolis san fernando diversión

To unleash their energy, test their agility, make use of their skill and even develop their imagination, Aquópolis…


Worm Maze

Are you ready to refresh yourself as you have fun? The littlest one have…


Children's Flume

aquopolis san fernando tobogán

The children’s Slide at Aquópolis San Fernando is a flumed designed for children to be able to go…


Blue Lagoon

blue lagon aquopolis san fernando

Swim freely, soak yourself under its waterfalls or play with your friends or family in a calm and…


Wave Beach

piscina olas aquopolis san fernando

If you can’t go to the beach and you miss it, the wave pool is the answer to…



aquopolis san fernando chapoteo

Children are the stars of Aquópolis and, therefore, they have areas exclusive to them. So that under-10s enjoy…



atraccion anaconda aquopolis san fernando

Almost everybody, from their tenderest youth, has experienced the excitement of sliding down a flume, feeling the air…



If any goal defines this water attraction, it is astonishing: both for those who slide down it and…


Speed Race

atraccion speed race aquopolis

The attraction par excellence of water parks consists of a wide spongy flume with several lanes down which…



speed aquopolis san fernando

In the style of the descent of the rough waters of some rivers, this family, even children’s, and…